Entries by Katie Brown

NCL supports updated merger guidelines

The National Consumers League sent a letter in support of the draft merger guidelines that the U.S. Department of Justice  and the Federal Trade Commission proposed in July of this year. The guidelines reflect an approach to antitrust enforcement that is grounded in statute and judicial precedent and are a significant improvement from the narrower focus of previous enforcement regimes.

Unveiling the flaws in the 340B Drug Pricing Program: Hospitals, medical debt, and consumer struggles

September 18, 2023: In 1992, Congress created the 340B Drug Pricing Program to help ensure vulnerable patients would be able to access medications they need but may not be able to afford. This program provides steeply discounted drugs to health care providers – mostly hospitals – serving low-income patients with the intent that the providers would pass those discounts along to patients. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening. The National Consumers League (NCL) is increasingly concerned about this program, especially as it relates to hospitals’ abusive and aggressive debt collection practices, and how those practices lead to consumer medical debt.

NCL sends letter to Illinois Attorney General on mass arbitration

The National Consumers League sent a letter to Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul on the practice of mass arbitration. NCL CEO Sally Greenberg urged the office to look into these issues to avoid denying consumers the redress and remedies to which they are entitled under the law and further delays in justice and accountability.

NCL mourns the passing of Rhoda Karpatkin

August 11, 2023: The National Consumers League mourns the passing of consumer icon and President of Consumer Reports Rhoda Karpatkin. Rhoda, who died last week, served as President of Consumer Reports (CR) and Consumers Union (CU)—having served for 26 years from 1974 to 2000.

New insurance schemes to carve out specialty drugs deserve skepticism and scrutiny

August 11, 2023: Employers seeking to cut healthcare costs should remember this simple rule of thumb: If an offer to save money seems too good to be true, it usually is. That seems to be the case with offers to try “Alternative Funding Programs” or AFPs.  This is a devious but growing cottage industry, which promises to cut employer costs for specialty medicines. 

National Consumers League Live Event Ticketing Principles

August 4, 2023: NCL works on behalf of fans for all live events to ensure that consumers get the best possible experience, the best bargain for their hard earned dollars and don’t feel they’ve been ripped off with gotcha added costs, like mandatory “convenience fees” “processing fees” “venue fees” or the like when purchasing live event tickets.

National Consumers League supports the SAG-AFTRA strike

The National Consumers League supports the SAG-AFTRA nationwide strike announced on July 14, 2023 against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. After a union wide vote authorized the strike with 97.7% voting yes, more than 150,000 movie, theater, and streaming actors have gone on strike.  AMPTP represents over 350 American television and film production companies, including Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Netflix, Apple TV+, and Amazon.