The Pain Project: Alternatives to Opioids

This episode of NCL’s “We Can Do This!” health podcast is focused on alternatives to opioids for pain control.

A Historical Look at the American Garment Industry and Its Impact on Labor Movements in the U.S.

In our latest installment of We Can Do This! Sally Greenberg, CEO of National Consumers League, sits down with Rebecca Ballard to discuss the fashion and garment industry.

NCL Health Podcast Series: Amy Hinojosa, National CEO of MANA

NCL is excited to present the inaugural podcast episode of our new Health Podcast Series under the “We Can Do This!” podcast umbrella, hosted by our Senior Director of Health Policy Robin Strongin. This month we are celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with our esteemed guest Amy Hinojosa, National President & CEO of MANA.

Stop senior scams!

Happy Consumer Protection Week! While fraud can affect anyone, regardless of age and other demographic information, and NCL are putting the spotlight on scams targeting older Americans.

Menthol cigarettes are going up in smoke

Sally Greenberg sits down with members of the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council, the country’s leading public health education and advocacy organization taking on Big Tobacco to save Black lives.

How did my medicine get here? Behind the scenes of the healthcare supply chain

Many of us take for granted that our medicines are available at the pharmacy whenever needed. Despite the disruptions of the pandemic, U.S. healthcare supply chains remained incredibly resilient, safe and reliable.

A woman’s right to choose: Equal access to health care threatened

This episode contains sensitive topics, such as abortion and sexual violence, that may be difficult for some audiences. Listener discretion advised.

As listeners of our podcast know, the National Consumers League believes in equal health care access for all, and that includes a woman’s right to choose.

The drug pricing middlemen driving up drug costs

Healthcare continues to be front and center in the national discourse, particularly in the midst of the pandemic. As Congress works on policy solutions to lower healthcare costs for consumers, we face an unfair disadvantage when it comes to what we’re paying at the pharmacy counter.

The boom in e-commerce has been a boon for fraudsters

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the growth of e-commerce…