NCL backs the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to curtail workplace discrimination

June 21, 2022

Media contact: National Consumers League – Katie Brown,, (202) 207-2832

Washington, DC— The National Consumers League (NCL) believes it is imperative that the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (H.R. 1065), introduced by Representative Jerrold Nadler (NY-10), is enacted by Congress. In the uphill battle for equity in the workplace, NCL views H.R. 1065 as essential to protecting pregnant workers against unjustly losing their jobs and ensuring they receive pregnancy and post-partum accommodations to stay healthy.

Despite the steady decline of births in the United States since 2016, the number of federal pregnancy discrimination cases filed has steadily risen 67% from 2016-2020; and lawsuits are projected to set a new annual record this year. Workers lose approximately two thirds of the cases filed due to gaps in the current legal framework. H.R. 1065 will close loopholes in the Pregnancy Discrimination Act which requires pregnant workers to demonstrate that other workers are benefiting from comparatively similar accommodations before gaining approval from their employe

Women of color are more likely to work in physically demanding jobs, which also places the baby at  increased risk for preterm birth, low-birth weight, preeclampsia, birth defects, and more. While these health problems can be severe, long-term, and even deadly, studies illustrate how low-cost and basic accommodations for pregnant and postpartum workers can significantly reduce their risk. These include providing access to a chair to decrease time spent standing and basic accommodations for breastfeeding parents, such as a private space and additional break time to pump.

NCL strongly supports H.R. 1065. It will ask employers to provide reasonable accommodations for workers affected by medical conditions relating to pregnancy and childbirth. This will not only reduce health-related risks, but also improve workers’ economic security by safeguarding their jobs, income, health insurance, their baby’s health and more. Furthermore, by directly targeting discriminatory employment practices, H.R. 1065 represents a strong step in addressing sexism and racism in the workplace.


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