Hitting the Pavement? Choose Sales Job Wisely! – National Consumers League

With summer just around the corner, many teens are on the prowl for the perfect job. NCL has partnered with the Direct Selling Education Foundation to offer advice to young adults considering door-to-door sales jobs. We have created two new brochures filled with tips to help keep teens and consumers safe by avoiding joining or buying from unethical traveling sales crews, which have been known to cause harm to both crew members and consumers!

Teens, be sure your contract spells out the terms of your agreement.

  • How, when, and in what form will you be paid?
  • Will the company pay for your living expenses (food, travel and housing)?  Will this be deducted from your income?
  • What are the working conditions?  Ask about the hours, travel, and living arrangements.
  • If you’re not completely comfortable with the answers, don’t agree to work for the company, it’s not worth the risk!

Want to learn how to spot the difference between a legitimate sales person and a traveling sales crew scam? Read more here.

Stay tuned for more tips from NCL this summer to help millions of teens avoid dangerous jobs.