White House “taking the gloves off” in latest competition push

February 1, 2023

Media contact: National Consumers League – Katie Brown, katie@nclnet.org, 202-823-8442

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Consumers League (NCL) today applauded the White House Competition Council’s announcement of a new slate of executive actions to protect consumers and rein in corporate power. NCL has long championed many of the solutions that the White House today supported, including prohibiting family seating fees on airlines, mandating all-in pricing and greater transparency in the live event marketplace, and getting rid of deceptive hotel resort fees.

The following statement is attributable to Sally Greenberg, Executive Director of the National Consumers League:

“More than 60 years ago, President Kennedy launched the modern consumer movement with a call to hold corporations accountable when they put profits over the public interest. We are thrilled today to see the Biden White House following in those footsteps. This Administration is taking the gloves off and putting corporate wrongdoers on notice that anti-consumer behavior will not go unchallenged. From airlines to banks to ticketing companies, businesses are leveraging their market dominance to squeeze every penny they can from hard-working families. We are thankful to have allies in the White House who are channeling consumers’ frustration into action.”

NCL has been pushing for reforms in the live-event ticketing industry for over a decade, including changes to the ticket purchasing process (some of which were adopted by the Competition Council) and the breakup of the Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger. In 2019, the League testified to Congress about the need for federal action to ensure that children are seated with their parents and caregivers without cost, something the Department of Transportation announced it would begin working towards today. Lastly, the Competition’s push to ban hotel resort fees and mandate all-in pricing echoes NCL’s previous calls on the matter.


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