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What’s in that gummy bear could be hazardous to your kid’s health

CBD-infused foods and candies are often packaged and marketed to appeal to children, but buyer beware – there are a number of harmful ingredients that could be in a seemingly harmless gummy bear. Parents, teachers, guardians, and loved ones should know that none of the non-prescription CBD products on the market today – and the false medical claims often used to market these to consumers – have been tested or approved by the FDA.

Earlier this year, I rolled up my sleeve…

I was tired of feeling like the virus was winning. I was sick and tired of feeling at the mercy of the whims of this unrelenting, mutating disease. I was angry that this pandemic was beating the hell out of us. So despite any fears and reservations I had about a new vaccine, I was ready to fight.

NCL statement: Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative underscores the capability, interest of the beer industry to put a serving facts panel on beer offerings

NCL welcomes the findings of an independent survey commissioned by the Beer Institute showing that more than 70 percent of the beer products sold in 2020 included a Serving Facts statement listing the alcohol by volume (ABV) and the number of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat on products, packaging, or websites.