NCL: Kudos to FDA for releasing ‘essential rules’ to transform food safety system – National Consumers League

January 4, 2013

Contact: NCL Communications, Carol McKay, (412) 945-3242,

Washington, DC—The National Consumers League (NCL), the nation’s oldest consumer advocacy organization, is today congratulating the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its release of two long-anticipated proposed rules. These rules, which address standards for produce safety and preventive controls for human food, will help implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which was signed into law by President Obama two years ago.

“We are pleased that FDA has released these essential rules,” said Teresa Green, NCL’s Linda Golodner Food Safety and Nutrition Fellow. “These rules are an integral part of truly realizing the goals of FSMA. When fully implemented, this law will transform our food safety system from one that focuses on response to foodborne illness outbreaks to one that works to prevent these outbreaks from ever occurring.”

“We congratulate FDA for taking this step and look forward to reading the complete rules and commenting on their contents. NCL urges the federal government to release other pending food safety rules so that FDA can continue its important work enacting other important aspects of FSMA.”


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