LifeSmarts State Competitions Heating Up – National Consumers League

Just a week into 2010, and it’s easy to see that the online LifeSmarts competitions are heating up! A few online competitions have already closed (congrats to the teams advancing in Florida and Hawaii!), with many more set to close in January. If you are a coach or competitor in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, or Vermont, time is of the essence! Your state’s online competition is closing this week or next. And if you are competing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, or Wisconsin, your online competition wraps up before the month is out. All state closing datesare listed at

If you haven’t registered yet, in most states there is still time. Go to our site and click on “looking for instructions” to help you get started.

If you’re already registered but want a quick cheat sheet, here is what Coaches and Students must do by their competition’s closing date to qualify to advance to an in-person competition:

Coach To Do List

  1. Register online
  2. Create teams online
  3. Have students register
  4. Have students compete online

Student To Do List

  1. Register online
  2. Take practice quizzes
  3. Compete!
  4. Extra Credit: Use the online LifeSmarts Lab and other free online learning tools

And please let us know if we can help – contact program staff members Lisa Hertzberg at or Brandi Williams at