Statement on appointment of Elizabeth Warren as CFPB interim director – National Consumers League

September 18, 2010

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Washington, DC—The National Consumers League applauds President Obama’s appointment of Elizabeth Warren as interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The concept behind the CFPB was Warren’s. She is an outstanding consumer advocate who long ago recognized that consumers were being unfairly saddled with staggering fines and fees due to fine print in legal documents that few could understand. NCL supports Warren’s vow to do away with the “tricks and traps” in consumer contracts, to simplify these contracts, and to provide far greater transparency and protections for consumers.

American consumers are fortunate, indeed, to have someone of Elizabeth Warren’s stature, integrity, commitment and diplomatic skills at the helm of the CFPB. The National Consumers League is proud to join in support for this fine appointment from the Obama Administration.


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