Twitter must do its part to limit the spread of false information and hate speech on its platform, says NCL

November 4, 2022

Media contact: National Consumers League – Katie Brown,, (202) 207-2832

Washington D.C.—The National Consumers League (NCL), America’s oldest consumer advocacy organization, had previously urged Elon Musk to protect user privacy while continuing to regulate dangerous and misleading content when he announced his plans to acquire Twitter. Now that Musk has finalized his purchase, NCL is seeing worrying signs that one of the largest social media platforms may become an even greater vector for misinformation and dangerous rhetoric. 

“As a service that reaches millions of users daily, Twitter has a social responsibility to ensure that its space is not used to spread demonstrably false information or discriminatory messaging,” said NCL Executive Director Sally Greenberg. “All social media platforms, regardless of who their largest shareholder is, must do their part in limiting misinformation that hampers the COVID-19 recovery and hate speech against marginalized populations. This is not an abstract exercise in free speech—these are matters that impact real lives.” 

More broadly, Musk’s acquisition is only the latest example of the United States’ regulatory system failing to prevent massive wealth and asset consolidation into the hands of a few. Allowing a select number of billionaires to dominate nearly every industry is disastrous for consumer welfare and incompatible with the nation’s democratic principles.


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