Consumer group praises FDA proposal on import rules to prevent outbreaks – National Consumers League

July 26, 2013

Contact: Ben Klein, NCL Communications, (202) 835-3323,

Washington, DC—The National Consumers League (NCL), the nation’s oldest consumer advocacy organization, praises the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its proposal of long-awaited import rules, an integral part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which President Obama signed into law in January 2011.

“NCL commends FDA for the release of these proposed rules,” said Executive Director Sally Greenberg. “Given the fact that the U.S. imports nearly 50 percent of its fresh fruit and 20 percent of its vegetables, these rules are instrumental in creating a food safety system which works to prevent — not merely respond – to foodborne illness outbreaks. The Foreign Supply Verification rule will require importers to ensure foreign suppliers meet U.S. standards. The Accredited Third Party Certification will only further strengthen the safety audits and certifications for food imports.”

“We congratulate FDA for moving forward with FSMA implementation and look forward to reading the complete rules and providing substantive comments on their contents,” Greenberg said.  “We are confident and hopeful that by all working together American consumers will reap the benefits of a safer and more secure food supply.” 


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