National Consumers League statement on Trumpeter recipient Mignon Clyburn’s resignation from the Federal Communications Commission – National Consumers League

April 23, 2018

Contact: NCL Communications, Carol McKay,, (202) 207-2831

Washington, DC – Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner Mignon Clyburn has announced her plans to step down from the FCC. The following statement is attributable to Sally Greenberg, executive director of the National Consumers League.

“NCL wishes to thank Commissioner Mignon Clyburn for an illustrious career as a telecom expert and advocate for consumers and the disenfranchised. Throughout her tenure at the FCC, Commissioner Clyburn challenged the unfair practice of charging inflated phone rates for the incarcerated who wish to call their families. She was a leader in the fight to protect the Internet for future generations by advocating for the passage and protection of net neutrality rules. As commissioner, Clyburn was known for her efforts to ensure that all Americans have equal opportunity and access to commerce through the expansion of the Lifeline program. In 2012, we were honored to be able to recognize Commissioner Clyburn’s advocacy with NCL’s Trumpeter Award and thank her for her service.”


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