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May 10, 2017

Contact: NCL Communications, Cindy Hoang, 207-2832

Washington, DC – Today, the National Consumers League (NCL) launched an internal site and consumer-friendly guide to help identify fraudulent coding bootcamp job placement claims. Coding bootcamps have been growing, thanks to the job skills they teach to students eager to land sought-after careers in the technology field. However, due to the large demand in bootcamp programs companies have been exaggerating their graduates’ job placement numbers in order to stay competitive. Because of these questionable tactics, NCL is grasping the opportunity to help consumers spot red flags before choosing a bootcamp to enroll in. 

“With tuition costs ranging from $5,000 to as much as $21,000, it’s clear as to why administrators would be tempted to stretch their job placement claims,” explains Sally Greenberg, NCL’s Executive Director. “It’s become exceptionally frequent to see bootcamps boasting job placement rates of well over 90% with “guaranteed” high incomes upon graduation – a [disappointing], but common, reality.”

NCL has released a detailed consumer guide to help relieve the knowledge gap between what is claimed in coding bootcamp advertisements and the reality behind the program’s numbers. The guide examines the popularity of the new coding trend, helps consumers debunk common false claims, and urges people to follow several basic steps when considering a coding bootcamp such as:

  1. Beware of too-good-to-be-true job placement claims. Placement rates in excess of 90% are likely to be exaggerated and rely on cherry-picked data.
  2. Make sure the schools you’re considering are licensed in the state in which they operate.
  3. Don’t rely solely on advertising materials provided by the bootcamp operator. Use independent information to evaluate your options – alumni references, services offered, and quality and qualifications of instructors. 

To make informed decisions with confidence and learn more about the challenges facing this growing industry, visit to view NCL’s coding bootcamp consumer guide.


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