Are You a Locavore? – National Consumers League

by Mimi Johnson

The First Family is one step closer to being locavores, after recently planting a vegetable garden on the lawn of the White House. There has not been a garden of its kind at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since Eleanor Roosevelt planted a victory garden during World War II. Sustainable agriculture, proponents say, is good for your health, as well as the health of the environment. First Lady Michelle Obama said she hoped this garden will help educate children about healthful, locally grown fruit and vegetables, and that they will “begin to educate their families and that will, in turn, begin to educate our communities.” In an age of convenience and attempts to save time, we all too often forget the satisfaction (and importance) of fresh foods. We too hope that this garden plants seeds of prevention in the minds of millions of Americans.

Even technology is getting into the game. With the Locavore 1.0 application, iPhone users can locate local, seasonal food and farmers’ markets across the country.

As the weather becomes warmer and the days longer, you might consider planting a few herbs or vegetables yourself. If your thumbs are not too green, consider taking a trip to your local farmers’ market … in addition to getting some good eats, you’ll also help support local businesses.