Meet 2021 Trumpeter Honoree Dana Nessel

A former criminal prosecutor in Wayne County and civil rights attorney Dana Nessel was sworn in as Michigan’s 54th Attorney General on January 1, 2019. Her core initiatives have been fashioned in the image of her promise to Michigan’s residents — to give the Department of Attorney General back to the people it serves. As the State’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Attorney General Nessel launched Michigan’s Elder Abuse Task Force, in partnership with the Michigan Supreme Court, to stop the rise of crimes against one of our most vulnerable populations. She launched the Department’s first Auto Insurance Fraud Unit to investigate and prosecute individuals and businesses who exploit Michigan residents and the system designed to protect the safety of Michigan’s drivers. She has continued the Department’s two largest criminal investigations into the Flint Water Crisis and clergy abuse in the Catholic Church. After starting a Hate Crimes Unit in 2019, she has recently expanded that Unit’s mission to tackle the increase in crimes related to domestic terrorism. Lastly, she has made public integrity a top priority of the Department, reviewing and prosecuting – where appropriate – cases involving law enforcement and other public officials due to conflicts of interest for county prosecutors. A graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University Law School, Attorney General Nessel lives in southeast Michigan with her family.

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