Welcome to Washington, Dr. Benjamin – National Consumers League

NCL is pleased to welcome the newly confirmed Surgeon General to town.  Dr. Regina Benjamin was sworn into her role as the medical and public health spokesperson for the country, but not without controversy.

Dr. Benjamin brings with her years of experience working for low-income, rural populations, working to improve access to care for many underserved populations, and breaking down barriers along the way – as a woman, as a minority, but also as someone who struggles with her weight.  Dr. Benjamin’s response to the criticism, however, has been wonderful.

In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Dr. Benjamin offered that “health and being healthy and being fit is not about a dress size.”  She continued, “it’s about how fit you are at a moment in time.  I’m just like 67 percent of Americans.  I struggle with my weight just like they do, so I understand.  I want to have them help me and I will help them and we’ll work together to try and become a healthier nation.”

We look forward to working with Dr. Benjamin and her office as we work to become a healthier nation.