Statement by NCL Executive Director Sally Greenberg on comprehensive financial reform – National Consumers League

July 16, 2010

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The National Consumers League hails the passage of  the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill in the Senate as major victory for American consumers. The following statement is attributable to Sally Greenberg, NCL Executive Director:

The financial devastation of the past three years has put millions of Americans out of work, caused them to lose their homes and their retirement savings. Reckless banking, mortgage and Wall Street practices  created the problem, while the protections consumers and working families needed were woefully inadequate. Consumer groups, labor unions, civil rights organizations have sought for years to protect consumers, homebuyers, and small businesses. This bill will help us get those protections.

The bill will:

  • Create a strong consumer protection agency to protect consumers and working people  from predatory lenders;
  • Require most derivatives to clear and trade on open, transparent exchanges and mandate that managers of hedge and private equity funds register with the Securities and Exchange Commission;
  • Give long term investors tools to hold corporate boards and senior management accountable; and
  • Help prevent future bank bailouts by creating a council of regulators to oversee systemic risk, giving regulators authority to dissolve failing financial institutions while prohibiting bailouts for bank shareholders and executives
  • Move us toward restoring of Glass Steagall by limiting banks’ ability to make risky bets backed by taxpayer funds.

We also commend those House and Senate members who stepped up to protect consumers, hold the banks accountable, and provide a level playing field for all citizens. NCL looks forward to seeing President Obama sign this into law.


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