Serve up union-made goodies for the big game – National Consumers League

With the Super Bowl nearly upon us, a lot of us are thinking about all fun food we get to indulge in at our Super Bowl parties. Everything from chips and dip to hotdogs and beer, Americans have a good time while watch the big game.

This year, with a near constant battle against unions, we look to include union-made products at our party. That list is a bit longer than one would suspect, especially with the pervasive assumption that nothing is made in the USA anymore. Consider serving some of these union-made items at your Super Bowl party.

Snacks Hot dogs Beers
Doritos Oscar Meyer Anheuser Busch
Lays Nathan’s Budweiser
Crunch & Munch Hebrew National Busch
Corn Nuts Ball Park Icehouse
Oreos Hormel Labatt’s Blue
Ghirardelli Chocolate   Leinenkugel’s
Kraft snack products Sausages & Brats Michelob
Wise snacks Johnsonville Miller
Snyder of Berlin Armour Molson
Planter’s Nuts Eckrich Pabst
Condiments Poultry Soft drinks
Heinz ketchup Butterball Coke products
French’s mustard Healthy Choice  
Gulden’s mustard Hormel Juices
Land O’Lakes butter Tyson Welch’s
Open Pitt BBQ sauces   Minute Maid
Pace salsa & picante sauce    
Vlasic pickles    

When the big game is over or at halftime, why not take a few minutes and work off some of those calories and play catch with the same company’s game balls used in the Super Bowl – Wilson union-made footballs.