School May Be out, But LifeSmarts Lessons Are Always in Session – National Consumers League

by Lisa Hertzberg, LifeSmarts Program Director

Students across the country are sprinting toward the school year finish line. We feel confident that the consumer smarts that LifeSmarts participants gained this year will stay with them, and won’t get thrown in the dumpster along with their biology notes on the last day of school.

While participating in LifeSmarts, students learned about their rights as workers, which will help ensure that they are treated fairly at their summer jobs this year. For a quick refresher, check this out. LifeSmarts students also know that some jobs are inherently dangerous, and before accepting a summer job they will check out which jobs to avoid at NCL’s “Five Worst Summer Jobs.

When they get their first paycheck, LifeSmarts students they will pay themselves by putting some earnings directly into savings. This will help them work toward goals they’ve established, such as purchasing a car, saving for prom, or saving for post-secondary education. To learn, visit the LifeSmarts Financial Literacy Pilot.

Summer is the time to get more activity in their lives, and LifeSmarts students will follow the advice of sites like this one. While staying active outdoors, they will be sure to wear the appropriate sunscreen (for a quick review here), and follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s tips to keep themselves and others safe.

Summer is certainly a welcome time to shift gears, and we want to wish everyone a safe and fun summer!

The LifeSmarts Spring Training site remains open through June 15, but then LifeSmarts also goes on a summer schedule. Summer is our opportunity to refresh the LifeSmarts Web site, retire questions, update the questions in the online competition and practice areas, and get new materials ready for educators and students to use when they check us out again in August or September. (Coaches and students can register again beginning August 1, and students may compete beginning September 14, 2009.)

To everyone involved with LifeSmarts this year – thank you for another wonderful year!