Rubbing Elbows on Capitol Hill for NCPW – National Consumers League

By Tim McNutt, NCL Public Policy Intern

Last week, the League descended upon Capitol Hill to participate in a National Consumer Protection Week fair with hill staffers, federal, state, and local government agencies, and national consumer advocacy organizations. As a member of the NCPW steering committee, NCL meets with other orgs and agencies each fall to plan the next year’s NCPW theme and events to promote the educational week in early March.

NCPW highlights consumer protection issues and education efforts around the country. The focus of this year’s event is financial literacy, and the official week is March 2-8. Whether it is tips for shopping for a mortgage; learning to decipher credit card statements or utility bills; choosing savings or retirement plans; comparing health insurance policies, or simply learning to be a savvy consumer, NCPW has got you covered.

The fair was a great forum for National Consumers League to promote the LifeSmarts Program to members of Congress and similarly aligned organizations. LifeSmarts helps students from 6 – 12th grade test their consumer knowledge and equip them with the tools needed to be a better consumer. The educational program, whose national competition is right around the corner in April (in Minneapolis this year), was a hit with visitors and participants of the fair. Most importantly, we received positive feedback on our efforts to focus on financial literacy for school-aged consumers. Most organizations had ample information to assist adults in becoming better consumers, but few programs empowered young adults to achieve greater financial literacy.

Cheers to the League and look for more updates from your resident intern blogger soon!