October: Talk about Prescriptions Month – National Consumers League

by Mimi Johnson, Health Policy Associate

Our friends at the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) are celebrating the 23rd annual “Talk About Rx” Month (TAP Month).

This observance helps remind us as consumers to stay informed about the medication we use, and we encourage you to use this month as inspiration to get a little savvier about your Rx meds, OTCs, and even dietary supplements. Take some time to review the drug facts, and learn how to take your medications correctly. Use NCPIE’s resources to help make a list of the medicine you are taking. Learning more about your medicine(s) will help you to share and better talk about this information with your health care providers.

NCPIE’s site is full of useful resources, from learning how to be more Medicine Smart to knowing more about the medicines in your home.

Happy Talk about Prescriptions Month from NCL!