National Consumers League statement on FTC action on data throttling – National Consumers League

October 28, 2014


Contact: Ben Klein, National Consumers League,, (202) 835-3323

Washington, D.C. – The National Consumers League today applauded the Federal Trade Commission for its actions to address consumer complaints that AT&T engaged in unfair throttling of consumers’ wireless data services. The following statement is attributable to Sally Greenberg, NCL Executive Director:

“It is important that wireless carriers be clear and upfront with their customers about what level of service they should expect when they pay for ‘unlimited’ data services. What should be unacceptable is if carriers allow consumers to pay for ‘unlimited’ plans but then use unreasonable throttling for business reasons instead of true network management reasons. It is clear from the FTC’s complaint that more than 3.5 million consumers did not get the level of service they expected based on the information they received. It is our hope that the FTC’s investigation will prompt a reevaluation of throttling practices that may be widespread in the wireless industry.”


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