Meet NCL’s new public policy intern – National Consumers League

Hello readers, my name is Evelyn Wong and I’m the new intern here at NCL. I’m a Political Science major from the University of the Pacific (UOP) in California and I’ve decided to trade sunshine and temperate weather for the snow, wind, and rain of DC. I actually love the weather so far, because I think all Californians are enamored with snow. We’re also very covetous of rain right now!   

I’m here as part of the Washington Semester Program of American University. It’s a program that all my professors extolled as “life changing” and “an unforgettable experience.” I had actually found out about NCL and had met one of the staff, Lucinda Cassidy, at AU’s internship bazaar.

As part of the Justice and Law program at American, I am interested in a wide range of public policy issues, which is why I was drawn towards the internships of advocacy organizations like NCL. In particular, I’m interested in public policy areas that are focused on protecting consumer and workers’ interests . Since everyone is in this category, it is clear that the NCL plays a crucial role that affects everyone’s lifestyles and decisions. I am happy to be a part of such an important mission and I hope to contribute to their efforts while I’m here.