LifeSmarts = Real Life 101 – National Consumers League

Since we’re counting the days until the 2009 National LifeSmarts Championship kicks off in St. Louis, we thought this would be a great time to focus on the types of topics covered by NCL’s LifeSmarts program — and the types of pro-consumer tools it arms its participants and alumni with.

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities: Country of Origin Labeling

A few weeks ago, the new COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) requirements went into effect. This means most fresh meat products and some types of chicken will require a label that tells you what country the product is from. Learn more about this important change at the official COOL Web site.

Personal Finance: New Student Loan Proposal

The new COOL requirements are not the only recent government measure that may impact your life as a consumer. A recent proposal by the Obama administration may impact one of the most important consumer decisions of all – your education. Find out about the New Student Loan Proposal and what it could mean for your future education financing plans.