Health insurance reform: Should consumers foot the bill? – National Consumers League

Update: at the press conference held by HHS Secretary Sebelius, a report, “Insurance Companies Prosper, Families Suffer: Our Broken Health Insurance System,” was released, calling for health care reform that would result in lower insurance premiums for consumers, as well as “placing additional oversight on health insurance companies to ensure that people get value for the premiums they pay.”

This just in: today, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will hold a press conference to illustrate the national problem of insurers significantly raising the insurance premiums, particularly of those buying coverage individually.

Last week, Well Point and Sebelius squared off after it was revealed that one of the company’s health plans in California, Anthem, intended to raise premiums by as much as 39 percent. While both sides cite different motives, it is clear that rate increases of this magnitude are unmanageable for many consumers. It also demonstrates the greater issue of sky rocketing health care costs.

The people of this country need reform. We hope that politics and profit can be put aside in the interest of the American people when President Obama convenes a bi-partisan health summit next week.