Happy Financial Literacy Month! – National Consumers League

In this economy, every month should be financial literacy month, and in our LifeSmarts program, it sort of is!.  (Especially now that our program offers year-round curriculum through our Spring Training program. But we digress.)

LifeSmarts participants have a leg up when it comes to being smart about knowing what’s you’re getting into before signing on the dotted lines. They’ve learned about how to properly handle credit and debit cards, manage a budget, and make smart shopping decisions.

It might seem difficult to apply this knowledge without the proper organizational tools.You may think that you don’t have time to review your credit card spending and see what expenses are really making a dent in your savings. You may know that your bank charges fees for your account, but not have the energy to review every statement to make sure additional fees aren’t charged.

Wish there was a Web site where you could easily view your bank account activity; keep track of how you spend your money; and get advice on how to save money based on your current spending habits? Mint.com is a personal finance and budgeting Web site that offers exactly these services for free. This service is especially great for students who will be leaving home soon and will have new budgeting responsibilities.