Financial Literacy Month: These Teens Are No Fools – National Consumers League

Today may be April Fool’s Day, but we have other things on our minds. In just two weeks from today, the 2008 National LifeSmarts Champions will be determined. State teams from across the country will have endured three days of grueling competition and exploring Minneapolis (our 2008 host city), and they’ll be on their way back home.

Today, which kicks off national Financial Literacy Month, seems like a good a time to offer three cheers to the people who make LifeSmarts the exciting, challenging, and rewarding program it is. In honor of all the teen participants and adult volunteers who devote weeks or even months of their school year to our LifeSmarts program: here’s to you!

Here’s to you, volunteer state coordinators! You are the backbone of our program, and you help spread the reach of LifeSmarts into the nooks and crannies of more than 40 schools across the country. We couldn’t do it without you!

Three cheers for you, coaches and assistant coaches! You are dedicated, giving teachers, parents, and community leaders. You are our program’s cheerleaders, encouraging students to perform at new heights. Pat yourself on the back!

You rule, LifeSmarts participants! You are wise youths, empowering yourselves with the consumer knowledge that your parents should envy. You’re going to enter the real world with an insider’s knowledge. Here’s to you!

And to our program sponsors, thank you for your ongoing, generous support. You’ve enabled our program to thrive and grow. Thank you!

Happy Financial Literacy Month, everybody! See you in Minneapolis!