Changes afoot at 2010 National LifeSmarts Championship – National Consumers League

By Lisa Hertzberg, LifeSmarts Program Director

Florida-bound LifeSmarts coaches recently joined conference calls to learn more about the upcoming national competition. The energy and enthusiasm were contagious – now we’re really excited to see you all Miami Beach, FL, later this month!

Important format changes are in store for coaches and students traveling to the 2010 National LifeSmarts Championship next week:

  • All teams compete eight times (four buzzer matches, and four assessments) – and those advancing to the quarterfinals compete even more!
  • Point totals are cumulative
  • Teams may challenge answers and be awarded points following competition
  • Winning teams, individual students, and coaches will all be recognized for high achievement

To learn more, view the PowerPoint at our site and the fact sheet.

As we mentioned on the coach call, students can expect to work hard, and they should realize that they won’t know all the answers (and that’s OK!), but we are certain that they will arrive in Florida ready for the challenge!