NCL applauds decisive action by CFPB against fraudulent payments processor

January 19, 2022

Media contact: National Consumers League – Carol McKay, or (412) 945-3242

Washington, DC—The National Consumers League (NCL) today applauded action taken by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to hold payments processor BrightSpeed accountable for facilitating payments known to be associated with fraudulent tech support schemes. The Bureau, a critical safeguard for consumers nationwide, has banned BrightSpeed and its founder from participating in multiple financial service industries, including payment processing. Fraudulent tech support scams have been significant source of complaints that NCL receives via its website.

The following statement is attributable to NCL Executive Director Sally Greenberg:

“BrightSpeed processed payments for companies that took advantage of victims, especially senior citizens. They continued to serve scammers despite being aware of nearly 1,000 consumer complaints against their clients, as well as multiple inquiries from banks and law enforcement. BrightSpeed is not alone in this; many other financial institutions are also aware that they are being used to facilitate fraudulent activity. Given the massive spike in fraud since the beginning of the pandemic, we must tackle the problem by addressing all entities involved — especially the financial institutions.

“We hope that today’s action by the CFPB reflects a greater shift towards holding not just fraudsters accountable, but also the financial institutions that enable these crimes. Today’s settlement should serve as wakeup call that looking the other way while fraudsters take advantage of financial services platforms will not be tolerated under the Bureau’s new leadership.”


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