Can you hear me? – National Consumers League

Consumers who have cell phones that operate on analog signals are out of luck. As of midnight last night, cellular telephone companies are no longer required to provide analog service.

If you suddenly find yourself searching for a new wireless phone plan, it is important that you find one which best fits your needs. Here are some tips to help you stay connected to colleagues, family and friends at an affordable cost.

Find out:

  • What’s included in the calling plan. How many minutes will you be allowed as part of your monthly fee? How much will you be charged if you use more? Are unused minutes lost or do they carry over to the next month?
  • What’s the cancellation policy?
  • Whether you can check how many minutes and text messages you have left.

For more information on the switch from analog to digital for wireless phone service, visit the FCC’s Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau Web site at