Baby, It’s Cold Outside – National Consumers League

By Emily Walters, NCL Health Policy Intern

Happy Winter! My name is Emily Walters, and I am a Health Policy intern at NCL, assisting with our medication adherence campaign and on other health policy issues.  I have my B.S. in Journalism from West Virginia University and my M.A. in Health Administration from the University of Kentucky; before NCL, I worked in a wide range of fields outside of the non-profit world, including public works, government, hospitals and hospice.  I look forward to blogging about important consumer health issues, including tips to get through the winter season safe and healthy.

Here in the DC area, and throughout much of the United States, the temperatures are dropping and we recently had a record-setting snowfall.

It’s important to be prepared and to stay warm and healthy throughout the season.  We at the Savvy Consumer blog thought we’d share some tips to keep you and your family, as well as your home and car, warm this winter.

There are many simple steps to take to ensure you and your family stay warm, healthy and safe.  These include:

  • wear a hat and cover your hands to help contain your body heat and ensure good circulation
  • dress as if it is 10-15 degrees warmer if you exercise outside so that you won’t overheat
  • check babies often to prevent overheating – feel their chest or the back of their neck to make sure their temperature is comfortable and normal.  Watch their behavior and note anything unusual and remember babies can’t tell you when they’re too hot.
  • use caution on icy surfaces – wear shoes with good traction and sprinkle cat litter or sand on problem areas

The CDC has tips on how to keep your home and car safe and warm during extreme winter weather.

Staying warm is essential to keeping your body healthy and your energy levels high throughout the season.