Our Impact

The work of the National Consumers League is making a difference in people’s lives across the country. Meet some of the consumers touched by our programs.

Charles BirdCharles

‘Script Your Future Saved My Life’

Cincinnati resident Charles, 45, lost his computer business — and health insurance— during the recent economic downturn. A diabetic, Charles was unable to afford his medication, and he stopped taking it, making him seriously ill and putting his life at risk.

With the help of Script Your Future tools, as well as free medications provided through the St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy, an active partner with Script Your Future in Cincinnati, Charles has his good health back. His diabetes medication is now keeping his blood sugar levels under control, and he has begun to lose some of the weight that contributed to his health problems.

“Everything Script Your Future and St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy have done for me and continue to do for me has literally kept me alive. Had they not helped me get back on track with my medication, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Learn more about NCL’s Script Your Future program.


Stacey F.

Spared from being a scam victim

“You have made me realize that knowledge is power and you have taught my husband, my staff and friends and myself a true life lesson, that will be spoken of for a very long time. …Not only did you spare me from being scammed and putting myself at risk for losing this money, you have saved dozens from being scammed as well as I plan on sharing this information with everyone.”

Learn more about NCL’s Fraud.org program.


Anna Araujo, Boys and Girls Club of East LAanna

LifeSmarts ally

“LifeSmarts will allow my kids to have success in life; it will teach them how to save money, how to invest, and how to use credit. If they have access to that kind of knowledge, our kids can make intelligent decisions instead of feeling like they have no control and these are exactly the types of skills we want to develop as early as possible.”

Learn more about NCL’s LifeSmarts program.


barbara.jpgBarbara, Sacramento

Discharged hospital patient

After a serious illness, 65-year-old Barbara left the hospital with an arsenal of new medications and very few instructions from the doctor about how to take them. 

Overwhelmed, Barbara was confused about how often, when, how many, and she struggled to be in control of her routine – until her daughter gave her a Script Your Future wallet card.

“Using the Script Your Future wallet card and pill boxes to organize my medicines made it possible for family members to keep track of my dosages and times, helping me recover safely and take my medication correctly.”

Learn more about NCL’s Script Your Future program.


Decklan Cerza,student_of_year.jpg

LifeSmarts student from Pennsylvania

A grease fire flared up in Decklan Cerza’s kitchen. As his family scrambled, panicking, fearing that the whole house might erupt in flames, Cerza remained calm. He hurried over to the pantry, grabbed some baking soda and dumped it on the fire quickly extinguishing the blaze. 

“It worked like a charm,” said Cerza. “I saved the house.” 

Cerza had learned this nifty trick for putting out a grease fire during his LifeSmarts training the previous year. LifeSmarts provides students with the practical knowledge to succeed in the real world.

Learn more about NCL’s LifeSmarts program.


Charlotte P.

$10,000 saved

“I don’t know how to thank you, but if you were here I would give you a hug to have saved me from getting ripped off. Thank you so much. Fraud.org saved me $10,000.” 

Learn more about NCL’s Fraud.org program.