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The #DataInsecurity Digest, a publication of the National Consumers League’s #DataInsecurity Project, monitors the latest in data breach news, including policy analysis and information about upcoming events.

New! November 7 | Issue 105: Equifax breach still generating headlines; Congress urging Barr to end attacks on encryption  sponsible for breaches

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October 24 | Issue 104: Senator Wyden introduces bill empowering consumers to control their data, hold companies re

October 10 | Issue 103: As fears over foreign election interference grow, Washington remains idle

September 26 | Issue 102: Ecuador leaks personal data for its entire population

September 12 | Issue 101: Google warns of new iPhone hacking scheme while Texas towns continue to struggle with ransomware attack

August 29 | Issue 100: Massive biometric data breach raises concerns for long-term data security

August 15 | Issue 99: Millions of Intel processors, Boeing 787 planes, and WhatsApp all found to have major cyber vulnerabilities

August 1 | Issue 98: Settlement with Equifax, Capital One hack put spotlight back on financial breaches

July 18 | Issue 97: Regulators strike back as new data puts cost of breaches at $45 billion annually

July 3 | Issue 96: Despite saber-rattling, U.S. woefully unprepared for cyber war with Iran

June 20 | Issue 95: Federal contractors look to weaken Android cybersecurity as Trump Administration makes plans to beef up offensive cyber operations

June 6 | Issue 94: Senator questioning Alexa privacy issues; states leading efforts to strengthen security requirements

May 23 | Issue 93: With Baltimore being held hostage, ransomware fears growing once again

May 9 | Issue 92: Facebook nears settlement with FTC while hackers attack U.S.electric grid

April 25 | Issue 91: Nielsen’s departure from DHS deepens cyber anxiety, cyber insurance loopholes, and a worsening breach at Facebook

April 4 | Issue 90: FEMA leaks data on 2.5 million disaster victims, while President Trump’s budget slashes spending on cybersecurity readiness

March 21 | Issue 89: As Feds pursue Facebook, Schiff warns of cyber vulnerabilities in 2020

March 7 | Issue 88: Regulators in Europe, Members of Congress, consumer advocates taking a critical eye at misuse of consumer data

February 21 | Issue 87: Facebook reportedly nears hefty FTC settlement; national cybersecurity at risk from external hackers and internal ineptitude

February 7 | Issue 86: Post-shutdown cyber agenda: mitigate government brain drain, investigate Equifax

January 24 | Issue 85: Shutdown puts data security at risk while Big Tech’s ‘grand bargain’ lands with a thud

January 10 | Issue 84: As government shutdown continues, data insecurity only grows

December 13 | Issue 83: Marriott closes out the year with another mega-breach while Congressional bipartisanship on data security fades

November 29 | Issue 82: Facebook’s past and present handling of Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to draw criticism

November 15 | Issue 81: Mid-terms apparently free of hacking incidents; Dem control of House adds momentum to privacy, data security push

November 1 | Issue 80: Facebook breach is first test of GDPR data security penalties; midterm election integrity worries could depress voter turnout

October 18 | Issue 79: Google+ user data compromised, GAO reports on weapon vulnerability, CA legislating stronger passwords

October 4 | Issue 78: Facebook, Uber, others in the firing line as Big Tech data breaches draw increased scrutiny

September 20 | Issue 77: Warren: A year after Equifax, it doesn’t look like we’re any safer

September 6 | Issue 76: Financial data breach legislation on tap in Congress while cybersecurity insurance gets more attention

August 23 | Issue 75: Breach costs continue to climb while worries of state-sponsored hacks go unheeded

August 9 | Issue 74: Administration claims Russian hacking threat being taken seriously; evidence suggests otherwise

July 26 | Issue 73: Cyber threats are ‘blinking red’ as U.S. readiness struggles continue

July 12 | Issue 72: Data broker leaves 340M consumers’ most personal data unsecured

June 28 | Issue 71: New fraud related to OPM hack underscores growing threat of data breach fallout

June 14 | Issue 70: The FCC ‘hack’ that never was; U.S. thought to be nation most vulnerable to hacking

May 31 | Issue 69: Cyber challenges remain as Russia infects hundred of thousands of Internet routers

May 17 | Issue 68: As cyber threats continue to grow, White House eliminates top cyber job

May 3 | Issue 67: Pompeo pledges ‘great deal of resources’ to cybersecurity

April 19 | Issue 66: Russian hacker threat to consumer IoT devices prompts warnings from US, UK; Facebook’s woes continue

April 5 | Issue 65: The #DataInsecurity Digest | Issue 65: Facebook data leak estimated at 87 million accounts; Breaches affect Atlanta, Baltimore, Saks, Panera

March 22 | Issue 64: Facebook data leak prompts renewed calls for privacy legislation

March 8 | Issue 63: FTC calls for reforms to smartphone security update policies; White House AWOL on addressing Russian hacking

February 22 | Issue 62: Data security takes top billing at FTC Commissioners’ confirmation hearing

February 8 | Issue 61: 2017 found to be worst year ever for data breaches

January 25 | Issue 60: Federal shutdown impact on state election systems’ much-needed repairs; continued fallout from Spectre, Meltdown

January 11 | Issue 59: Discovery of major vulnerabilities ushers in 2018

December 14 | Issue 58: Nielsen settling in at DHS during uncertain times for cybersecurity

November 30 | Issue 57: Uber under fire for cover-up

November 16 | Issue 56: Voter data exposed; major Hilton payout from 2015 breaches

November 2 | Issue 55: Equifax knew about vulnerability; White House considers cyber strategy

October 18 | Issue 54: Equifax aftermath continues; cyber veteran to lead DHS 

October 5 | Issue 53: Momentum for action on data security standard building

September 20 | Issue 52: The Equifax issue

September 7 | Issue 51: Congress returns from recess with full cybersecurity agenda

July 19 | Issue 50: Russia behind Wolf Creek? Biometric data, 9-1-1 systems vulnerable

July 6 | Issue 49: Trump’s voter fraud commission is potentially massive data security vulnerability

June 21 | Issue 48: Massive RNC leak exposes vulnerability of political profile data; WannaCry could’ve been much worse

June 7 | Issue 47: Credit unions pushing for retailer standard; Kmart and OneLogin breaches

May 24 | Issue 46: WannaCry

May 10 | Issue 45: Macron hacked; Google Docs attack hits 1 million users

April 26 | Issue 44: White House still has no cyber plans; Shoney’s, Intercontinental Hotels breaches roll in

April 12 | Issue 43: Q&A with Koskinen, Trump rolls back broadband privacy protections, more woes for Arby’s

March 29 | Issue 42: Congress uses CRA to roll back broadband privacy and data security rule, Trump cyber order delays

March 15 | Issue 41: WikiLeaks not as bad as we thought? Average zero-day lasts nearly seven years. Breach costs Yahoo’s Mayer $2M.

February 28 | Issue 40: Advocates unite against DHS plan to check passwords at the border

February 15 | Issue 39: Rich out, Pahl in at FTC. What does it mean for data security? Plus Spicer’s cyber woes continue

February 1 | Issue 38: No executive action on cyber just yet; reflecting on Ramirez, and more

January 18 | Issue 37: Giuliani’s cyber cred takes a hit, more headaches for Verizon-Yahoo, Ramirez stepping down at FTC

January 5 | Issue 36: Predictions for 2017

December 7 | Issue 35: Cyber policy clues about Trump transition hires; ransomware hack cripples Muni

November 22 | Issue 34: Rogers pick for DNI could steady Trump cybersecurity jitters, FriendFinder mega-breach, and more!

November 14 | Issue 33: Post-Election Special | What does Trump victory mean for data security?

November 7: Issue 32 | Special Election Day preview: Will Russian hacking undermine results?

October 26: Issue 31 | Massive DDoS attack highlights IoT security woes; GOP now getting hacked, too

October 13: Issue 30 | Yahoo breach causing heartburn on Capitol Hill during National Cyber Security Awareness Month

September 28: Issue 29 | Yahoo breach – who knew what, when? Hillary, Donald disagree on ‘the cyber’

September 14: Issue 28 | Russians hack WADA, ransomware on tap at the FTC and our interview with AG Madigan

August 31: Issue 27 | NSA hacking fallout, breaches continue affecting consumer confidence, and more!

August 3: Issue 26 | Thought Leaders interview series kicks off with FTC Commissioner McSweeny

July 20: Issue 25 | FDIC breach cover-up? New Thought Leaders Series coming!

July 7: Issue 24 | HHS calls ransomware “major threat,” phishing hits HRC campaign & is anti-virus pwned?

June 22: Issue 23 | Data security in the spotlight in presidential race, FTC chief technologist an ID theft victim 

June 8: Issue 22 | SEC Chair says cybersecurity is biggest threat to financial system, breach ‘aftershocks,’ and more

May 26: Issue 21 | LinkedIn breach worse than we thought; FDIC’s Bair a victim

May 10: Issue 20 | Betty White plugs multi-factor auth, massive email hack affects 272 million, unwanted software, and more!

April 27: Issue 19 | Voters, how safe is your personal information? hack and more

April 11: Issue 18 | #PanamaPapers puts the spotlight on law firm data woes, broadband privacy NPRM and security, another Flash zero-day and more!

March 31: Issue 17 | New features new Data Breach HQ for consumers; Will breach at DC hospital system force politicians to act?

March 16: Issue 16 | FCC wades in to data security for ISPs; data breaches plague cancer treatment center; and more!

March 2: Issue 15 | FTC shows ID theft complaints up again in 2015, behind the scenes of the breach, and more!

Feb. 18: Issue 14 | Another IRS breach highlights tax ID fraud threat. Will POTUS’ cybersecurity plan make a dent?

Feb. 3: Issue 13 | ID theft complaints up nearly 50% in 2015 and more

Jan. 20: Issue 12 | Consumer orgs want FCC to move on data security, privacy; Hill breach bills could move late spring; Koch network venturing into data security

Jan. 6: Issue 11 | 2015 the year of health care data breaches; IoT zombie botnets and other predictions for 2016

December 15: Issue 10 | Wyndham settlement affirms FTC’s “top cop” status, HR 2205 & CISA updates, year-in-review

December 2: Issue 9 | VTech breach exposes personal info for 200K children, Target +2 years, and more

November 17: Issue 8 | State of security in health care space looking bleak; attorney-client confidentiality compromised; and more!

November 4: Issue 7 | CISA passes: Was it worth it? Also USPIRG credit freeze report and more

October 20: Issue 6 | CISA entering campaign conversations; Experian/T-Mobile fallout; latest breach involving Dow Jones

October 6: Issue 5 | T-Mobile/Experian breach kicks off National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

September 23: Issue 4 | New details emerge about Target breach, Apple App Store, Excellus hacked

September 9: Issue 3 | More Ashley Madison and OPM fallout, Congress returns, Breaches at Heritage & ReverbNation

August 26: Issue 2 | Ashley Madison underscoring devastation caused by breaches

August 11: Issue 1 | Welcome to The #DataInsecurity Digest