Fraud Policy

Rapidly changing technology presents significant challenges to consumers and opportunities for unscrupulous actors.The global data breach crisis threatens the security of our sensitive in formation and exposes all of us to identity theft and increased risk of fraud. Privacy is a fundamental human right. As new technologies, products, and services are introduced into the marketplace and workplace, it is increasingly important to consider the privacy implications on consumers and workers.Government must be vigilant in assuring consumers and workers that their personal privacy is protected.

Food Policy

The National Consumers League is committed to a food policy that ensures a safe, nutritious, and abundant food supply. The League believes consumers should have access to food at reasonable prices, and no person should go hungry or suffer malnutrition. NCL supports a system for monitoring and improving the nutritional status of the United States, in particular
programs that aid low-income families and school children.

Health Policy

Government at all levels must act to insure access to affordable quality health care for all citizens. As a matter of public policy, the government’s role in health care must not be limited to the reimbursement of health care practitioners and facilities for the treatment of the diseased or injured. Rather, government must assume its responsibility to further the total health of consumers, including the quality of their environment, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, their nutritional needs, occupational health and safety, and right to comprehensive preventive health care.

Workers’ Rights

The National Consumer League believes that the consumer interest is best served when all have the opportunity to earn a living wage. Opportunities for adequate levels of income for all should be pursued vigorously, including for youth, minorities, people with disabilities, women, and low-income workers. Neither responsible consumers nor policymakers want lower prices at the cost of worker exploitation.