LifeSmarts state competitions wrapping up – National Consumers League

As we come into the home stretch of the online LifeSmarts competitions, LifeSmarts students are busy learning all they can using the practice quizzes, LifeSmarts U online lessons, and all the other resources to be found on the LifeSmarts Web site. Since competition opened in September students have already answered 1.5 million consumer questions online!

LifeSmarts is education for the real world, and it arms students with knowledge they begin implementing right away. Students say LifeSmarts has helped them:

  • know what to do when my ATM card gets stolen
  • budget and keep track of purchases with my debit card
  • know the proper temperature to store certain foods
  • know what to look for when I buy my next cell phone
  • learn about my rights as a worker (and I got a raise!)
  • provide reasons why my parents should seek a refund for a poor-quality product
  • remember to turn my low beams on when it is foggy
  • learn to read the fine print when using OTC drugs
  • explain consumer rights to a friend whose phone service got slammed
  • vigilantly guard my Social Security number
  • recycle more

It is gratifying to see this generation of young consumers demonstrate their desire to learn as much as they can about important issues that will give them a leg-up in life. Hats off to you!