A new LifeSmarts season, a new Web site. Going strong, growing bigger after 20 years. – National Consumers League

The 2013-2014 LifeSmarts season is officially underway this week, with a new competition year going live at the program’s revamped online home, LifeSmarts.org, along with a variety of new coaching and study resources, new opportunities for participants, and new state programs across the country.

Next April, students from around the country, that have outlasted their fellow competitors in online and live competition, will gather in Orlando, FL for the LifeSmarts National Championship. Last season, an estimated 100,000 students and teachers across the country answered more than 3.5 million LifeSmarts questions. Every year, the competition grows and the ultimate goal of a team representing every state in the nation is within reach. Last year’s championship saw teams from 38 states, the District of Columbia, and two student leadership organizations, FCCLA and FBLA. Later this month, LifeSmarts will also roll out a major expansion to its LifeSmarts program in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories, UL, providing participants with a community service learning opportunity in their communities. LifeSmarts students can go into classrooms around the country and spread LifeSmarts lessons to younger students to usher in the next generation of consumer savvy Americans. Check out the new LifeSmarts Web site at LifeSmarts.org. Follow the program on Facebook for the latest updates and to compete in our daily quizzes and monthly competitions to win prizes.